Monday, March 23, 2009

Yes I am in my 30's

So it is official I am 31 and I had a FABULOUS birthday!!! Bryan pampered me. My birthday is during Bryans busy season but that did not stop him from delivering the best birthday ever! I packed up the kids and headed down to Vegas to meet up with him. My parents had offered to watch the kids-they are the best. Bryan had booked 2 nights at the Bellagio hotel, which in and of itself is amazing but to top it off he booked a couples massage! That is right a couples massage. Is he amazing or what!!! We spent the time relaxing by the pool, shopping, and of course eating!The whole weekend was amazing. Not trying to brag but I must give credit to him. I do have an amazing husband whom I love more than anything! Thanx for the best birthday ever.

The view from our room

After our couples massage-don't we look so relaxed and refreshed!