Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yesterday we took Suzanne to the MTC. It was a really good day, yet emotional as well. The MTC is hard to describe. I have been there twice and both times have experienced a realm of different emotions. There is no doubt that the spirit is there and I felt it yesterday.

"I Hope They Call Me On A Mission, When I Have Grown A Foot Or Two!"

So here is a quick run down of how the MTC flow goes. You pull in and they unload your luggage and the missionary has to take it to a designated spot while the family waits in another place. You meet up again and take some pictures and then head in the main doors. However the missionaries enter one door and the family enters another-hence the picture up top. After Suz entered they gave her some info, a very important card that lets her into the cafeteria and her room as well as her badge which came with a bright orange dot on it. Suz called it her dork dot!

Nanny sporting her Dork Dot! So cute!

Then they take you to a room where you have a little devotional. Everyone sings, Called To Serve and at that point the emotions just start to surface. It is so cool to here a room full of missionaries sing! After the closing prayer it is families this way, missionaries this way. Saying goodbye was so hard but Suz made it easier because she is so ready for this! Words just can't describe how much I will miss her. I think I speak for my kids as well when I say things around here just won't be the same. We are so proud of her and support her 110%. I am so glad at the example she has set for my children, not only in her decision to serve a mission but her example in life! We, at the Wood household, all look up to you Suz and will miss you a ton!


Trecia said...

Well I think it's neat that we got to meet her 2 days before she left. What a cute family you all are! BTW did you just love that ice cream or what

Taryn Reaves said...

I just said goodbye to my sister as well. She went into the MTC 2 weeks ago. She is going to Cambodia. I love that your sis is going to Sweeden... it is one of the places I want to visit before I die. It is also were my grandfather was born and raised.
She will love the MTC... we just got our first email from mine and she said they keep her very busy and that the spirit there is like the spriit you feel when you are in the temple.

Camille said...

I am so glad you got to go! We loved Dawson over. We loved having Dawson at hour house! What a SWEET little boy he is!!