Friday, June 12, 2009


Last night was the Summer Games opening ceremony complete with FIREWORKS! We love fireworks at the Wood household. Fireworks are like a summer must, even though it has not felt like summer due to our freezing cold weather, it did last night! It was great. We went with our friends Julie and Jason and Trisha and Aaron and their kiddos. We stopped off for a much needed treat at DQ and then headed off to the fireworks.

Ky was in heaven! He loved staying up late being surrounded by all the kids. He felt all the excitement. He loved the fireworks, just stared and pointed. Although I think the finale was a little over whelming for him. He just held on to Bry so tight with eyes as big as saucers!

The kids had a blast. Jaden, Jamie, Addy and Janae. Strike a pose! Some of my pics came out blurry- UGH bummer! Have I mentioned lately how bad I need a new camera!

Cade, Dawson and Carter

Trisha and Aaron- Little love birds
Julie and Jared-So cute!
The fireworks were awesome! Fun was had by all. By the time we got home everyone was tuckered out. If only bedtime was that easy every night!