Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Little Swimmers!

Today was the last day of the kids 1st session of swim lessons. The kids love to swim so I normally put them in at least 2 sessions a summer. Not only do they love swimming but it gives them something constructive to do, plus it really wears them out by then end of the day!

Dawson has come along way. He is not afraid of the water at all and as far as I can remember never really has been. However his big struggle is to just float! Dawson is a mover as you all know and never slows down or sits still. That doesn't change when he gets in the water. He hits the water and looks like a mini tornado flailing his arm and running in place. His teacher did a great job at getting him back to basics and concentrating on just floating. The rest will come easy after he gets that down!

Dawson and his teacher Shauna, she is AWESOME!

Addy is now full on swimming! She is fine tuning her technique. She also had Shauna as a teacher. YEAH! She can swim from the shallow end to the deep end. She has been learning different strokes and diving as well. She now can dive off the diving board, however I think she prefers to do silly jumps.

Addy and her buddies Sage and Malia

Even Ky had to get into the swimming mode! So CUTE!


LuDLoW LiFe said...

Looks like they had a great time. I just wish it wasn't so cold for this session. I bet 8:30 was even worse. They look adorable!