Monday, June 22, 2009

Girls Camp

This past week was girls camp. I went for the whole time and it was a blast!!! We have amazing girls and I just adore them all!

All the girls all nice and clean the first day! What a beautiful bunch
YW President, what a hottie!
We won the Amazing Race #2! We rocked it!

Just chillin in the tent, great entertainment in the rain
We had a resident hair salon in our tent. Most all girls got there hair done, including me, but a couple actually got their hair cut! Brittany did an amazing job! We were definitely not bored while it rained all day!
On Thursday Bry brought the kids up to see me. It was a awesome surprise! I loved seeing them. I missed them a ton! Addy decided she wanted to stay, which was so fun. It was fun to see her learn some camp songs and be there for testimony meeting. We got to star gaze that night and see Saturn along with it's ring and moons! So cool. We cuddled all night in a sleeping bag on 1 cot, it was actually comfy most of the night. I really enjoyed spending that time with her. It wont be long before she is old enough to go. Oh they just grow up way to fast!I got the "I'll do it" award. HUM wonder what that really means????

I had a great time at girls camp but I am not going to lie...... I was so EXCITED to come home and SHOWER!!! I have never been so happy to shower in my life. It was also so wonderful to sleep in my own bed. Oh the comforts of my home. Even though I was excited to come home I can't wait till next year!!!!


Nat Lud said...

Looks like a fun time!