Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BYE ,BYE, BYE (binkie, bottle and 2 naps)and other Milestones!

Let me start off by saying, how amazing it is to FINALLY have a night of uninterrupted sleep! The past 4-5 weeks have been less than dreamy! It has been more like a nightmare! Ky has been going through a phase I guess you could call it. In October, out of the blue,Ky started waking up in the middle of the night and shouting "Baaa, Baaa." In fear he would wake up Dawson, as they share a room, we would get him a bottle or give him his binkie and life was good again. However we started to see a pattern we did not want to keep up. So we tried to let him cry it out. Yeah that didn't work either, we ended up with both boys up at 3:00 am. That makes for a not happy momma! So we decided to have Dawson sleep in the guest bedroom or the play room to break this habit. We have officially gotten rid of his binkie! He is now adjusted to 1 nap a day, which may not be something to be happy about, however if now sleeps through the night, I'LL TAKE IT!! The other big hurdle at the prompting of his Dr at his 18mon. check up, was to get rid of his bottle. He said it would help him sleep better as well. All for it! So as of last night he has officially slept through the night for 2, yes 2 nights!! WHOO HOOO!!!!!
I love my Ky man, but the past 4-5 weeks has been rough. He has been more whinny and clingy through this adjustment. He is getting some new teeth which hopefully is part of the reason he is so fussy. He now has 3 teeth on the bottom with possibly another one more coming in and 4 on top. So cute! Love his little smile! Another milestone, he went to nursery! YEAH!!! Except he cried when we left and off and on the rest of the time. I have to say that I feel a little like I am on foreign ground. Like I said this part is all new to me. My other kids couldn't wait to be away from me! Ha Ha. Oh well, this too shall pass, right???
Amongst all the change and craziness going on, he continues to make us laugh, smile and bring joy into our home!
To say Ky is busy, busy, busy is a Understatement!!! He keeps me hopping. He loves to play! He loves to dance, wrestle, play in the water(in the tub or out), run and of course have races! He loves to climb, which brings me to the stage I dread. I can't protect him! I guess when you have an older brother in which you idolize, it comes with the territory. He loves Dawson and mimics him. I have to say I love to watch them wrestle together and play cars together. Seriously it just makes me smile and happy! Man I love my kiddos!!! Ky is just growing up to fast right before my eyes! I can't believe that he is 18 months already! Where has the time gone??? I am so grateful for Ky and the joy he brings into our family! Can't wait to see what other adventures he adds!!


Nat Lud said...

He is just too cute! Glad he's getting over all of these 'hurdles'! :) He was too funny the other night when he was pushing the chair over to the cupboard to get a sucker. Gotta love these busy boys!

Heather Coon said...

I bet him and Holly are going to have a blast when we come out! They sound very similar in their personalities.

Galloways said...

Oh you brave girl! Karlie is terrible with her binkie and gets up all the time at night. We are going to take hers away when I have time off at Christmas! Wish me luck....lol

McKell Callister said...

Your kids are adorable and hilarious! Glad that a new "trend" is beginning with Kyler. Hope it lasts! I have forgotten what a full night's sleep is like, but am hopeful that I might get one soon:)

PS- I just got Addy's message late tonight...I feel so bad that I didn't call her back yet. I'll talk to her at church tomorrow for sure!