Sunday, November 22, 2009


Tonight I learned that I have failed some what as a Mom! Apparently I need to do more education with Addy! I was in the kitchen making dinner, Addy was upstairs trying to get Ky to come downstairs when I heard the following conversation tonight.
Addy-"Ky please don't kick me. Ky it is not nice to kick. Ky! Kyler don't kick me in my nuts!"
By this time I was already half way up the stairs to help her, when I started laughing! Seriously I thought I had done better than that! When I got into the room I found Addy standing up as Ky lay on the floor still kicking his feet. Trying really hard not to laugh, I said "Addy you don't have nuts."
She looked at me and said, "Mom he kicked me there," ( as she pointed to her groin). I said again, "Addy you don't have nuts, only boys do." She then pointed to her little tush and said partly being silly," are these my nuts?" To which I chucked and said, "No. Addy only boys have nuts!" To which Addy replied, "Well I'd sure like to see these nuts sometime!!"
At that point there was no holding back! Seriously!!! Well I guess that's what you get being surrounded by to much testosterone!
Just so you all know, anatomy class has been RETAUGHT and all is well.


Lauren said...

That is WAY too funny....just made my day.

All your kids all look so grown up! I swear, the last time I saw Kyler, he cold barely walk...miss you guys!

Mortimer Family said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! I so love those moments...