Sunday, November 22, 2009

Young Women In Excellence

Tonight was Young Women In Excellence. I have to say I am grateful for my calling and for the opportunities it gives me. However being in charge of Young Women In Excellence was slightly scary. I mean to be honest I was really nervous. I really wanted it to be a special night for the girls. With much prayer and help from all the wonderful YW leaders, I think it turned out great! It just goes to show that the Lord qualifies those whom he calls!
I felt the spirit so strong. I was trying everything I could to not be a big ball baby. I can only pray that the YW felt it as well. I hope they truly know they are "Queens to be!" I hope that their testimony of their Divine Nature and their Divine Inheritance was strengthened. They are beautiful young ladies. I hope they can see what we as their leaders, parents and their Father in Heaven sees in them! As a Mother I really hope I can impress upon my own daughter her Divine Nature and the love her Father in Heaven has for her and his Daughters. I love my calling and am grateful for the examples of the YW. I am grateful that through my calling my testimony is strengthened!