Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our new Swedish Friends!!!

Sunday we had Grandma, Grandpa, AnnMarie and Bjorn who are visiting from Sweden over for dinner. It was so fun to get to know Annamarie and Bjorn. Since Nanny is serving in Sweden it felt like we were able to get a little glimpse into the culture she is living.

Thanx AnnMarie and Bjorn. Hopefully we'll get to see ya again, but lets make it in Sweden when we pick up Suzanne!!!! Yeah she is half way done!!!!


The Lawn Ranger's Woman said...

I would sooo LOVE to visit Sweden some day. I'm full of Swedish blood :)

Lisa-Lou-Who said...

Yeah, toddlers and Christmas trees don't really go together. You'll be lucky if your tree is safe even next year. Even Ian messes with the tree and has broken his fair share of ornaments.