Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kiss Me I'm Irish- and the Cook!

My kids, like most I'm sure, LOVE holidays with no exception. Growing up, St. Patrick's Day was definitely a celebrated holiday. My Dad served his Mission in Ireland and so there were traditions! My Dad spoke in an Irish voice all day-no joke. He wore a very green tie along with a pin of varying sayings about being Irish. My mom made corn beef and cabbage among other authentic Irish foods. It was great! My kids aren't ready for the "real" Irish deal yet, heck they were less than thrilled with last year's green Shepard's pie! So being St. Patrick's Day today I mixed it up with a new mean green menu.
For breakfast- green eggs and ham for Addy. Dawson and Ky chose Lucky Charms with none other than green milk. Dawson being the growing boy and all had both green eggs, ham and Lucky Charms!- Sorry no pics, mornings at the Wood house are nothing short of sheer madness!

Lunch- Shamrock cheese sandwiches and chips!

My friend Nat is so amazing! She gave these little St. Patty Day treats to my kids! How cute is she! Thanks Nat for the pot at the end of the rainbow!
Dinner-Cheese Shamrock biscuit burgers with green jello and sprite with green koolaid ice cubes.
My attempt at dying the dough green failed so this is what we got! Oh well, still a hit!
Dessert- Not sure what to call it except YUMMY!
As you can see it was a hit too!Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. May the Luck of the Irish be with you all year!!!


Nat Lud said...

You are so creative! I didn't know your dad served in Ireland. That is awesome! And that last pic of your bro is hilarious!

Jamie said...

You're like the funnest mom! I forgot to dress my kids in green. Cade didn't have school, so only I pinched him, and I had to run Olivia a green shirt to school. I don't think I'll let them see this post (however my kids love looking at blogs, and pics of kids their age) kind of cute!

McKell Callister said...

Wow, what a celebration! I've got a lot to live up to if I'm gonna live in your neighborhood! You're such a fun mom and I will surely be stealing ideas from you for many years to come:)

Lisa-Lou-Who said...

Looks like you were way more festive than my green scrambled eggs, green milk and green snickerdoodles with green sugar. You're always doing fun stuff! You're such a fun mom!

Stucki Family said...

Hey, it's Renae from Bunco. I love all the pictures! You are are great mom, I didn't do anything for St. Patty's!

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Camille said...

I am glad someone keeps up on their blog! It was so fun to see everything. I have been neglecting my blog. You guys are so much fun!!