Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Boy Bed Ready or Not!

So Ky has officially been crawling out of his crib this week! Not sure I was really ready for this stage, especially when he is getting out of bed at 5:40m in the morning, yet here we are! Time just flies. I was worried about my little evil kenevil so I had Bry just take the crib railing off so as to lessen the possibility of injury. He is my youngest to be in a big bed,well technically his crib with the railing off, so I just didn't see this coming! Addy and Dawson were both 2 or a little older, so I thought I had more time. NOPE! Ky loves his new freedom(whether I do or not) and his new Big Boy Bed! Although funny thing is if you ask Ky if he is my big boy or baby, he replies....BABY! Oh how I wish that were still the case!
Gotta love his smile!
So here is to new milestones, less sleep, bed time drama and tears for both parties involved!!!


Galloways said...

Oh no! Karlie is our climber to so I see this day coming soon for us to. God bless us mothers with extra patience! Ha ha

Nat Lud said...

He is adorable! Sorry about the crib thing though. That's never a fun phase!

LuDLoW LiFe said...

He looks like he is enjoying his new bed, that is never a fun transition for mom though.

Congrats to Addy on her Baptism, she looks adorable in her pictures!