Friday, March 12, 2010

I Love To See The Temple

Here is Addy's Baptism announcement. They turned out perfect! Thanx Abbey you are truly the best! Check out her website if your needing any kind of pictures- Oh and thanx Christy for the idea of taking them at the Temple! I have the best friends:)
Here are some of my Favorite pics Abbey took that day of Addison ........I love the reflection of the Temple in this one!

And I think she is DONE!!!


Galloways said...

Adorable! Is this your friend that you said comes to Salt lake sometimes? I need to have pics done of the kids and yours always look so darn good. Email me and let me know if it is the girl you were telling me about. Tell Addie we love her

Jen H. said...

Wow these pictures turned out perfect! What a great idea! I also love her dress. Where did you find it? I can't believe you have an 8 year old! :)