Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to School!

Yeah! It's back to school time and Addy is MORE than ready!

Can't believe that she is in 3rd grade already! She told me that morning, "Ya know Mom in 2 years I'll be in 5th grade." To which I replied, "NOOOOOOOOOO! I don't even want to think about that!"
The only bad thing about the first day of school is that poor Dawson didn't get to go! He doesn't start until the 31st. He is beyond excited. He had his Kindergarten assessment yesterday. As we got into the car he said, "I am so excited. I can't wait to go to school!" I loved it. He is so cute! I love that they are so ecstatic to be going back to school!
It is crazy to think that 2 of my kiddos are in school now. Life is a whirlwind and I want to enjoy every moment of it! So even though in 2 years Addy will be in 5th grade and Dawson in 2nd I am only thinking about right now and how much fun this stage is!


McKell Callister said...

Fun stuff! I hope Owen stays excited during the next two years before he gets to go. Right now he would do ANYTHING to put on his backpack and get on that bus! Glad your kids love it!

Jamie said...

I'm glad she's so excited to go back to school. I'm sad my kids are already going back. This summer went by WAY too quick!
Amazing post on your cute grandma. I'm so impressed with how well she is doing at 95!!!

Heather Harper said...

She's getting SO big!! I'm having a hard time with school starting. I'm just so anxious and nervous for Braden. I'm sure he'll be fine. Too bad he and Dawson aren't going to school together...that would be great! I can't wait to read about Dawson's first day!!