Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cousin Swap

My sister Tina and I had a brilliant idea (or so we thought). We thought it would be fun to do a little kid swapping. I started off taking the girls, Addy and Hailey while Tina took the boys, Dawson and Braiden to her house. We arranged to swap the boys and girls the following Saturday and then when we met for Grandma Ellen's 95th birthday party the weekend after that we would get our own kids back.
It actually was a lot of fun, however we have learned that 2 weeks together is just WAY TO LONG! The fun wears off after about a week together and then it is just like siblings fighting! All in all the kids did have a blast and the switch up was refreshing, but next year(if we do it) we are doing a couple days and then switching so they are together a total of a week!
During the switch up we did lots of fun stuff. I took them both to the lake, movies, picnic at the park, went to the green show, had a McDonald's day-did that with just the boys-and there was a lot of water fun in our back yard with popsicles and snow cones!
I have so many fun memories of playing with my cousins in the summer and I hope this switcher roo is one my kids remember!


Heather Coon said...

They are all such good cousins...we just saw them today! See you guys soon too!