Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Kindergartner

It is hard for me to believe that Dawson is in Kindergarten. In some ways it seems like this day was never going to come and yet I still feel as if he is my little boy! He has been counting down the days since the beginning of August! I 'm not sure I have ever seen anyone so excited. I love that about him! He is a joy to have around and makes me laugh DAILY! He actually slept in today-woke up at 7:15, came in to my room and asked,(in a whisper if you can believe it)"Mom is it time for me to get in the shower for school?" Not only did I get to sleep in but I woke up with a smile on my face! First we had breakfast-waffles, surprise surprise! Then it was shower time, getting ready and of course picture time!!!!!

Showing off his Transformer backpackDawson and Addy, my school kiddos! She has been so excited for him.
Outside of Fiddlers
Dawson saw a friend-Hunter- on the way in! Nothing like a good buddy by your side on the 1st day!!!
Right outside his classroom! I think he is over the whole picture thing by now. I guess it is a no go for a picture with his teacher.

Hard at work!
So when I asked Dawson about his first day he said, "we had recess and ate grapes. Oh and I had to color the color of my skin." I prodded him a little more to which I got, "that's all" or an "I don't remember". So there ya have it, the highlights of a day in Kindergarten!


Heather Coon said...

Awe he looks so grown up! What a cutie too!

Hey Aaron and I finished that book, I was going to send it up with bryan but I guess he left early last night. Sorry. We'll send it next week.

Galloways said...

So cute! I can't believe he is in kindergarten already. They grow up so fast. He looks as big as Addy in that picture of the 2 of them. lol

Jamie said...

Your little Dawson is one cute kid! I love how he is a man of few words.

Law Family said...

Holy batman! What a cutie! And, by the way I think he looks like a mini Bryan!

Law Family said...

Holy batman! What a cutie! And, by the way I think he looks like a mini Bryan!