Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tiny as a bird!

We were driving in the car today doing errands when my sweet Dawson told me what I think was the cutest thing. It made me smile at least!!
D-Mom isn't weird that I am littler than Addy but I weigh more?
M-Yes you are younger than Addy and you do weigh more, but that is just because you are a strong boy!
D-Mom how much do you weigh?
M-I don't know because we don't have a scale but I would say about 115 pounds.
D-You weigh in the 100's!
M-Yup I do.
D-I don't think you weigh in the 100's.
M-You don't? What do you think I weigh?
D-Um like in the 90's!
M-Oh why do you think that?
D-Because you are tiny like a bird!
I smiled, chuckled a little and then told him thank you for the compliment.(I am taking it as one!) To which he said, "your also tiny like a puppy." OK! So apparently I have all sorts of animal equivalents! Oh I love that kid!


Jamie said...

you are tiny as a bird! i think i weighed 115 pounds in the 7th grade :o)
looks like your Christmas was perfect!
love your new family pics!

Heather Harper said...

LOL!! Sooo cute!! It's true though, you are tiny. ;)