Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today on the way home from picking Addy up from dance, Dawson was sitting in the front seat and this was the conversation we had..........
D-Mom how do you buy a car?
M- Well there is a couple ways you can buy a car. You can pay cash, you can do what they call lease which is like renting a car for a couple years and pay a monthly amount, or you can get a car loan to buy a car and have a monthly payment.
D-Oh well how much is a car?
M-Well that depends on the kind of car you buy. This car (our Sequoia) costs more than our Honda.
D-Oh. Well how much is a truck?
M-That also depends-do you want a big truck, medium sized truck or a small truck.
D-A small truck. How much would that cost?
M-Do you want to buy it new or used?
D-I want a used one.
M-Oh maybe like 10 thousand dollars.
D-Oh (with a change in his voice) then I want a new one. How much would that be?
M-Oh maybe more like 15-20 thousand
His face totally changed and he got a look I wished I could have captured. His brows furrowed and he just looked like a little sad puppy. He looked at me as we pulled in to the driveway and said
D-Mom I don't have that much money. I can't ever have that much. (Almost a little teary eyed)
M-Oh Dawson. By the time you can drive you will be old enough to have a job bud, and you can save your money. And maybe Dad and I can help you.
D-Oh! With a little giggle!
The excitement back in his voice and a smile back on his face!
So cute. It just tugged at my heart and made me chuckle a little that at 6 he is already thinking and worried about getting his own wheels! Wow-good thing he is giving us plenty of time to prepare!