Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Awesome except......

Dawson is a great kid and loves to play with everyone and everyone loves to play with him, including all the girls. Addy loves to tease him and of course Ky jumps on board with her. Well today Halle, one of his good friends, called and wanted to know if he could play. When I picked him up this was the following conversation with Daws and Ky.......

Ky- Halle loves you!
D- No she doesn't! Hey Ky I saw your picture in the preschool room(Halle's Mom is Ky's preschool teacher.Love her!)
Ky-does that mean Halle loves me??
D- No
Ky- But Halle loves you?
D- Yes, No. I mean, well not like the marriage kind, just like the Jesus kind!
Ky- Oh ya

I could not contain myself and laughed out loud!

So I told Rachelle, Halle's Mom, about the conversation to which she told me about this one......
They were all at the dinner table-yup they asked him to stay for dinner- and Dawson was just a talking away! She said no one else could get a word in. UM so unusual, wonder where he gets that from!! Any way after monopolizing the conversation, and spouting off articles of faith Halle turns to Dawson and said, "Dawson you are awesome at everything!" To which Dawson so humbly replied," Ya I know. Except one thing. Then he whispered to Halle, KISSING!"

Well as his Mom I'm glad to know that!!!


Heather Coon said...

Aaron and I had a good laugh at that!! What a funny kid...