Monday, January 26, 2009


Saturday we headed up to Salt Lake for the Jazz vs. Cavaliers game. We got to go with our good friends Jon and Shannon. I was "jazzed" shall we say to have a little weekend away with Bryan. It was wonderful! We had a blast at the game and had great seats. Thanks to Bryan's friend who is the assistant general manager for the Cavs! Chris you rock!!!!

Gotta love the self portrait
Lebron-King-James with a warm up dunk!
Teams during warm up After the game we went to a fancy smancy steakhouse- Flemmings. It was the best steak, well the best I have had in Utah and just as good as the ones I have had in Texas. We stayed at the Little America hotel. I love everything about that hotel.
Before we headed home on Sunday, we had to eat at the Little America Brunch! It is soooooo good! Yes some of my highlights on every vacation is the food- I love to eat what can I say!

Bryan and me in the hotel lobby after breakfast- The food is that good- that is why we are smiling!
It was great to get away but we were both glad to get back home to our kiddos. Thanks to Bryans Mom, Dad and Suzanny for watching our kids so we could go-especially last minute! Your the best! We love ya!


Jessica said...

Glad you had a romantic getaway. Go Jazz!

mccall... said...

That sounds way fun. I would have loved the hotel and the food. Jaren would have loved the game. Makes for a great getaway!!!

McKell Callister said...

Super Duper Fun! Joe always had "business" meetings at the Little America brunch when we lived in Salt Lake. He told me how super yummy it was, but I'm still waiting for him to take ME there someday!