Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ky's little boxing glove

Our week started off with Ky burning his right hand while I was VT! He just reached up and touched the fireplace. It was like slow motion, yet I was still not fdast enough to stop him! My heart just sank! I see this all the time at work but when it is your own it hits a whole different level. Blisters were on the pads of his hand and all but his pinky finger. Uhhh. I called the Dr. and asked them to call in some silvadene cream so I could take care of his hand. This is where being a Nurse comes in handy. I could just take care of my baby myself and change the dressing daily instead of taking him in every day for the first couple days to get the bandage changed. But as a Mom it is the most awful feeling as well. My heart just ached for the poor little guy! He did really well with having a little boxers glove for a couple days. I have to say I just thinks he looks adorable as a little one can be with a boxers glove!

Didn't slow him down!

Still smiling and happy
I just love this little guy!