Sunday, October 4, 2009

Farewell Ironmen!

Saturday was Dawson's last soccer game. He has really loved playing soccer and is really good at it as well. He had a great coach which made his first year of soccer even better. Since I was the team Mom, we planned a little pizza party at our house after the game. All the kids got their pictures and a trophy!

Dawson thought it was awesome! Here is the team with the coach at the party!
So for now it is farewell to soccer, until the spring anyway!


McKell Callister said...

Well Dawson has been sure to let even ME know how great he is at soccer, so you better keep letting him play since he's such an all-star! I can't wait until Owen's big enough to be out playing sports! What fun!

Amanda said...

Grey keeps saying he wants to play with Dawson, I will have to call you. Thanks for all the hard work:)