Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkins and Parties

This week continues to be jam packed with Halloween events! I love it!! Thursday night was the night we had planned on carving our pumpkins. I made spaghetti with oozing eyes for dinner. The kids actually helped me make the eyes, which they thought was great and so did I!

Here is Addy's
Here is Dawson's cyclops!The kids and I decided caramel apples sounded like a great treat. So then we made these beauties. Addy and Dawson wanted to roll theirs in some crushed oreo's. Yummy!

The plan was to let the apples set and carve our pumpkins. However by the time we got done with all of this it was nearly bed time. Too much to cram in, so we decided to postpone our pumpkin carving until tonight-Friday! The kids were OK with that, whew!

Friday was not exempt from the parties either. Addy had her class Halloween party this year. Fiddlers normally does a Halloween carnival every year, but were unable to this year. Bryan and I volunteered to help out in the class. It was really fun. The kids had some really cute costumes. Plus they were very entertaining!

Addy's class getting a scary story told to them! The witch-a.k.a Kristen Warden did a really cute job! After the story and root beer, they rotated to another 2nd grade classroom and did carnival games, cookie decorating, and bingo! So fun!
They encouraged all the Mom helpers to dress up. Here we are!
Addy and her Dad.
Me and Bry- He He HeAs soon as we got home we went straight to carving the pumpkins! Oh and eating our yummy caramel apples! The kids love it just as much as I do. OK maybe I love it a tiny bit more! It is one of my favorite family events! Seriously! This year they were great little helpers in the beginning.OK so maybe not even in the beginning. They did help clean them out a little and by the look on their faces that was enough. Don't let Dawson fool ya, he was laughing and enjoying every minute of it. Then they picked out a pattern they wanted and well.......that's about all they did! Bryan and I found ourselves carving their pumpkins this year. The patterns they chose were a little bit complicated for them to do by themselves, or at all for that matter! Not that I am complaining, I actually told Bry that I forgot how much fun it really is to sit and carve a pumpkin.

Ky however had a great time just watching us and playing with the innards of the pumpkin!
At the kids request, they had coffin sandwiches for dinner.
Our finished pumpkins!!! They turned out so good!!!
This was the one Addy chose it's the Deadly Diva. Suitable don't ya think!!! Ky's is the sticker faced one below Addy's.Dawson chose the Pirate Skull. Looks really cool lit up! Bry's is the bottom one which is just a Skull head!

The kiddos with their pumpkins!!! Just look at those happy faces!!! Love it!!


LuDLoW LiFe said...

Looks like so much fun! The Wood family sure knows how to enjoy the festivities! Those caramel apples look yummy. Happy Halloween

The Lawn Ranger's Woman said...

What a fun mom! Maybe I can book ya to come do my Halloween festivities next year :)