Sunday, October 25, 2009

Helping Hands

Yesterday was a really fun day! Bryan and Dawson went to help our neighbor Cody with his Eagle scout project at the Three Peaks campgrounds. Dawson loved it! I love that he and Bry can go and do things together and work side by side! The fact that he enjoyed helping others, willingly, is a seed that I hope grows! Which for a Mom is priceless.
That afternoon I had a YW service project. Addy asked if she could go, I said OK. She was thrilled to be involved and off we went.
We, along with the YW and another leader from our ward, headed out to New Harmony. In August an awful fire broke out in New Harmony. It was devastating. People lost their homes, and many were displaced. It burned over 10,000 acres. We went out there to help plant trees, rebuild fences and clean up. It was amazing to see all the YW and YM with there yellow "Helping Hands" shirt on. The stake estimated for about 500 kids! WOW! We worked form 2-6. Not one person complained, not even my little Addy, who worked so hard. All the kids did! It was truly heart warming!

Here is a before pic- notice how clean we look!
The fire burnt so much, clear up the entire mountain!
We planted trees where all those little flags are. Then we spread grass seeds on the ground and raked over them. After which we covered them with shredded bark.
The ground didn't look like ash after we were done! Although there is still a lot to be done, it did look better!
The girls "spreading" the love, grass seed or shredded bark!

This is right before some of the gals had to leave a little early. Even though we are dirty, notice everyone still has a smile! It was hard work and we were all tired, but it was so FUN! When it was time to go, the girls were actually sad and didn't want to go! What great examples to me and Addy! I love that we had this opportunity to serve others and our Heavenly Father! I am grateful that both my older kids had the opportunity and the willingness to serve. I am so grateful that they had fun while serving! Which is definitely a value I want to instill in them! Service can be hard work and yet fun as well, and I am glad they are learning that. As a mother that means so much! Fingers crossed we can keep up the "Helping Hands!"


Nat Lud said...

Holy service day for the Woods! Addy kept talking about the Helping Hands. She had a great time. What a neat opportunity for you guys!

Mandy said...

That is awesome Melissa. I love those days when you feel like you have accomplished so much and your kids have learned so much. What great lessons you are teaching your kids. You are great parents!