Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hee Haws!

Saturday was a great day! The weather was perfect Fall weather, so we decided on some perfect Fall fun. My sisters and I took our kids to Hee Haws. Hee Haws is a farm in Lindon. There was so much stuff to do! It was so much fun! They had pony rides, a trick or treat hay ride, animal petting area, corn box, Halloween jumpy thing, corn cannon, slides, tractor animal train, duck races, corn maze and hay jumping and the list goes on and on! Most important it had pumpkins!!!

Ky and me on the hay jump
The trick or treat hay ride was really cute. They had people dressed in Halloween costumes throughout the corn fields and they threw candy into the carriage! The kids thought that was great. They got to see Darth Vader, Spider Man, Winnie the Pooh, Tiger, Malificent, and Shrek.
The boys Dawson, Benson, Mason and Braiden, hard to get a shot were they were all looking. This was the best I could do!

Hailey, Addy and Hannah

My sisters and I being silly, however I say we make a darn cute sheep, horse and cow!
The animal petting area
The animal train ride and swings
Pony rides
The corn box, basically a sandbox of corn and a big hit!
The other big hit amongst the boys was the corn cannons. You basically put corn in this cannon gun thingy and shoot it! They had a blast and it was fun to watch!
We ended our day at Hee Haws by picking out the perfect pumpkins! I love Fall and had such a fun time with my family!


Heather Coon said...

Awe...I'm sad we have to miss out on all the cousin fun! Boo hoo...We miss you guys! Happy Halloween!!!! CAn't wait to see all the costumes.

Nat Lud said...

That place looks AWESOME!! So fun. Glad ya got to do such fun stuff--even if I'm jealous I didn't! ;)

Jamie said...

Did you go down the big white slide in a potato sack? I think I had more fun on that then my kids. And did you see the pig that was bigger then the horse? lol
I live in Pleasant Grove and wish I was at Hee Haw when you were there to have said hi! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

McKell Callister said...

How fun! I miss all these fun things that used to be close by when we lived in Salt Lake. It's fun to hit them while you're up there, though:)