Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve at HOME!

This year was the 1st year we have had Christmas in our home here in Cedar, and we have lived here 4 years now. It is actually the 2nd time we have ever had Christmas in one of our homes( my family came and had Christmas at our home in Smithfield 1 year) We always travel and we just decided not to this year! It was great. I loved it and to my surprise so did the kids! There was no whining about being home or not being with cousins.
We did have a family dinner at Aunt Karen's house. It was really nice to be with them and all their families. When we got home we noticed the elves had left the kids each a present. (sorry for the blurry pic) They were beyond excited! Of course they knew what they were. The elves always leave them new jammies! I loved the jammies but have to admit, it was alittle hard being the 1st year they all don't match! Just wish they would stop growing up!!
After reading the Christmas story and Twas the night before Christmas. It was bed time for the little ones. But not before leaving Santa and the Reindeer a treat!

The kids decided they wanted to all sleep together in the same room! So cute! I had to sneak in and take some pics of the kids all nestled in their beds dreaming of sugarplums I am sure!!


Nat Lud said...

I love that they all slept in the same room. So sweet!