Friday, December 17, 2010

Pee Pee dancing at the Wood house

Oh ya that's right. Since Tuesday we have been doing a lot of dancing, pee pee dancing that is. Ky is officially diaper free. Part of me should be jumping for joy right? Not yet. Potty training is my absolute least favorite parenting task! Seriously the thought just gives me anxiety. That being said he really is doing great! Don't want to jinx anything but I have to give him credit. Except for last night, the night of Addy's recital which was chaos, he has had only 1 accident on Wednesday and 1 today(Friday) 2 accidents if you count he pooped in his pants. He really has the pee thing down so we are working hard on the poop thing!
So on to last night he was doing great all day, no accidents, until of course we have to eat and get ready for Addy's recital and then 3 pee accidents. 2 of which were within 5 minutes of each other, while eating dinner! Positive note- at least he was on our old bar stools, see I am trying to find the silver lining! Thanks to Nanny for coming to my rescue. She came over and just took Ky potty while I got Addy ready for her recital! Thanks Nanny! Seriously you are the BEST!!
Bryan drove home from Vegas and met us at the school. During the recital Ky told us when he had to go and he went every time, like 6 times! Yeah! See me being positive. I figure if I say it enough I really will be, isn't that how it works?
Today-Friday he woke up dry! No extra sheet washing! I mean it when I say he really is doing good! I am proud of him and hope he keeps it up. I don't want to be anxious throughout the Holidays!
Santa I think I now have a new Christmas wish!


Heather Coon said...

I strongly dislike that 'parenting task' as well. Good luck with it!