Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas morning!

The kids actually slept in until about 8! Wahoo!! Waiting to go out to see the tree...... I love the excitement in the air!!!

Seeing the Tree!Santa came!!!
Bry's parents, Suz, Tay and Derek came over to watch the kiddos open presents.

Ky's highlights-got a new bigger basketball hoop, remote car, backpack, new big boy hooded towel with a K on the back......

One of my favorite pictures!
Dawson highlights- nintendo DS, games, hooded towel with a D on the back, new big nerf gun & new luggage
Addy's highlights- I-pod with case, all 7 Harry Potter books, & new luggage
Daddy was on the NICE list!

After we opened presents we got ready and headed over to Grandma and Grandpas to open presents, spend the day, eat and enjoy Christmas as a family!

Grandma made them all CVHS sweatshirts to wear to Daddy's games!

Grandma gave Ky his fav-Wheat thins!!!!

Dawson and Derek playing the DS
We had a great Christmas!