Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Santa,

On Sunday the 28th of November for FHE we wrote letters to Santa.

Here's there letters.......

On Monday the 13th of December the kids all got a postcard from Santa! The word excitement doesn't even come close to describing the mood in our house.
Ky showing me what it says...." listen to you parents, be nice to brother and no throwing fireballs!" Not sure where that last one came from but ya it works!

Intensely reading his postcard

Addy barley got to walk in the door before she got her postcard.

Thanks Santa!


Lisa-Lou-Who said...

I am seriously lol-ing at Addy's comment about wanting the ipod touch but you are making her earn money for it! Hilarious! And great! My oldest is trying to earn money for a DSI 3 and it is KILLING her!