Monday, October 24, 2011

Dallas Day 2 and 3

We started off day 2 by just relaxing at home. Then when Grandma and Grandpa got here, we hit up another mall for a little bit, while the boys stayed at home. It was so fun to just be us girls and Luke of course. Grandma spoiled the girls with a carousel ride. We had a real good relaxing day!
Friday, day 3 we got ready headed to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa before they took off for Wimberly,TX to see Cameron's football game. Addy and I decided to hang back with Fefe and love more on Luke. After lunch we went to yet another fantastic mall. That night we had to hit up a favorite BBQ! When in Texas, you eat BBQ and boy is it delicious!
Addy and Ellie waiting for the grub!
As I am writing this I am noticing a pattern- we eat and shop a lot and YES I find that to be fun and relaxing!