Monday, October 24, 2011

Dallas- Here we come!

Me and Addy headed for Dallas over UEA weekend to spend time with Steph, Richard the girls and new little baby Luke. It was a fun get away, just us girls! Flight was uneventful, which was wonderful considering my last experience flying there. Our first stop when Fefe picked us up........

It was like Heaven for Addy! It was fun to watch her and Ellie walk through the store and be excited over EVERYTHING! It was then that I realized as I have a million times before, that she is just growing up way to fast. Really just wish I could slow things down sometimes, and this was one of them! Well after literally hours later we hit up the mall and then headed home to Plano. Richard had dinner ready and boy was it yummy! That night I got a lot of cuddling time with Luke.
Loving me some Luke!


Jamie said...

Melissa my dear, you have a twin. Is it crazy to see a mini version of you sitting next to you on the plane? You both are beautiful!