Monday, October 31, 2011

Welcome to the house of Griffindor

It's official, we are the Griffindor house! Well at least we were for Halloween. Addy was Hermione, Dawson was Harry Potter quitich and Ky was Harry Potter.

We had a great time this Halloween. The weather was actually wonderful so we got to walk around the neighborhood. It was so fun to watch them all go with their friends.
Addy got to go with her friends around our neighborhood as well.

I sure got a kick out of watching them all run in a heard to each house. But I think the funniest thing was when they went to the Mellings. Wayne answered the door. The kids all said, "Trick or Treat!" of course. But Wayne noticed all the Harry potters and their wands and wanted to see a trick first. So Dawson and his quick wit said, "Abra ca dabra make you bald!" To which Wayne and Bic bald head laughed and gave them candy! Good one Daws!
After our neighborhood we hit up Highland Dr and then it was off to Grandmas! Kids still love passing out the candy at Grandmas! It was a great night and I just love the stages my kids are at! It makes it so fun to just sit back and enjoy them!


Jamie said...

Your kids are darling!
That 'spaghetti' dinner is very creative! You are such a fun mom!