Saturday, October 8, 2011

Titans Football

Today was the end of Dawson's first football season, flag football that is! He loved every second of it! I really enjoyed watching him! Not only is he really good but you could just feel the excitement in the air that these kids have for football! He had amazing coaches and they spent time and taught him. They gave him chances to try the positions and plays he wanted and he succeeded. He made multiple touchdowns as well as some great blocks! I wish I took more pics during games but I really was just enjoying them way to much to be snapping pics! I can't wait till next year!
He really has a love for this game. He watches football games with his Dad and they talk about the plays. He watches ESPN and has now memorized the quaterbacks for most of the teams in the NFL. He has to show me the replays, literally he shows me what the player did or how he ran it in for a touchdown. He even shows me his touchdown dance, which does change on occasion, that he will do when he plays in the NFL! It is so fun to hear him and see him so excited and passionate about something.
All I can say is keep the dream alive and dream big buddy because there is nothing you can't do! And I will be there front and center to cheer you along the whole way! Love ya Dawson