Tuesday, September 8, 2009

5 Already!!!!

Today Dawson turned 5! I can hardly believe he has made it this far!!!! Seriously with all his energy and kamikaze moves it amazes me that 1. he is still alive and 2. he has not been more injured! Dawson is the comic relief in our house and I often wonder what in the world I would do without that! He is a smart, helpful, happy, and ENERGETIC boy! Every birthday, we have a tradition that the kids get breakfast in bed. However because Dawson is so energetic and wakes up at like 6:00 am, I never have breakfast ready for him upon him waking up. Oh well, he loves it nonetheless. This year for his breakfast he chose pancakes and bacon with cranraspberry juice. We all walked into his room singing Happy Birthday! He loves that part!

Dawson eating his breakfast
Since Dad had to go to Las Vegas today we gave him 1 of his presents to open. He will have to wait till his party on Saturday for the rest. He got a Hot Hoops game! Big hit!!!

Today was also his 1st day of preschool this year! He has been so excited and I am not sure which one he has been more excited about! He loves school so to go to the 1st day of school on your birthday makes it even more cool! Here he is pumped and ready to go! Hope the teacher is as well!
At preschool
Dawson with his new teacher, Mrs.Clark

He had a great first day of school. He was so excited that they sang Happy birthday to him and he got a special birthday hat and balloon! I think he is really going to love his preschool!Tonight we went to Grandmas house for dinner. Dawson requested scrambled eggs and sausage. Of all the things he could possibly chose pizza, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese my 5 year old wants scrambled eggs. Go figure!

We opened some presents, this one being the highlight! Mario and Sonic at the Summer Olympics Wii game.
And of course what birthday is complete with out cake! Dawson wanted the confetti cake with confetti frosting. Just like his Aunt Nanny fav! It was the perfect ending for what he said was, "the awesomest day!" Glad you had a great day, love ya buddy!!!


Nat Lud said...

I just love kids on their birthdays. It's just so exciting! He looks so cute. Glad he had an extra special day!

McKell Callister said...

What fun... I think my kids' birthdays are going to be way more fun than even my own in the coming years. Those are some fun traditions you guys have:)

Heather Coon said...

Happy Birthday Dawson! I can't believe I have known you for five years! That's a long time...hope you had fun.

Love you,


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