Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rough couple nights

Grandma has had a rough couple nights. She had to get some blood the first night which is not uncommon after a surgery. She was doing great but then started to have a low grade fever, so they gave her some drugs and continued on with the blood. The next day she was feeling better and up about in the room walking(with assistance of course). Well then I think just due to all the stress of everything and including her bodies response to the blood her heart went in to a different rhythm. I think it scared a lot of the family. I am grateful I could be there to explain things and help everyone understand. Being educated and calm makes a huge difference! I see this everyday at work and do this everyday at work, but because it was my Grandma I had feelings of just nervousness I guess. I would have felt better had I been in there doing it myself! They gave her the medicine and her heart converted back easily to normal sinus rhythm. No shock needed! Grandma was extra tired after the event of the last couple days/nights! She is doing great with her therapy though and is expected to go home in a couple days! I know she has a long road a head of her but I am so grateful things are going relatively smooth. Thank heavens for modern medicine! I am so proud to be in the medical field and love helping people daily-especially when it is my own family!
I am so proud of my Grandma and how tough she is! I would like to think that I have inherited some of her fight, strength, and perseverance ! I definitely look up to her. Love you Grandma!!!