Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor day 2009

We began the day with the festivities at Parowan. The parade was first on the list. It was a great parade and the kids got a butt load of candy. Sorry no pics! Then we headed over to the petting zoo. Another big hit! They saw lots of different animals and got to pet a goat, lamb, pig, a ram and rabbits. They thought it was awesome!
Here are the kids with one of the goats.
Ky getting a lick from one of the goats! Not sure how he felt about that.
Addy and one of the lambsKy and one of the pigs

After the petting zoo we headed up the mountain to the family cabin at Brianhead. It has been a little tradition the last few years. We love it up there! We BBQ'd, went for a little hike down to the river, rode the 4 wheelers, guys played some horse shoes with Addy and Dawson as assistants.We had a wonderful time just enjoying the mountain! This was actually Ky's first time on the 4 wheelers and he loved it! He just smiled the whole time. Addy and Dawson love the 4 wheelers as well. Guess we should make an effort to ride them more often!
Ky thinking he is ready to drive it!
We had a great day with the family! The weather was perfect, food was yummy, fun activities and wonderful company! Who could ask for anything more!


Nat Lud said...

Love the fun festivities of Labor Day! Kind of the last hoorah of summer. The kids look so cute on the four-wheeler!