Saturday, September 19, 2009

Answered Prayers

Last night as Bryan and I got out of the Temple, I noticed I had a lot of missed calls on my cell. All were from my family. That is never a good thing. I called my parents to find out that my Grandma had fallen and was in the ER. They were pretty sure she broke her hip! My heart just dropped. My poor Grandma. Later that night as we were driving home we got a call that confirmed she had broken her hip and was having surgery the next morning. I turned to Bry and told him I had to go up and be with her. He told me to go! I love my husband, he is ALWAYS so supportive of me. So this morning I woke up and Addy and I headed up North.
I have to say I was more than a little nervous. I see this all the time at work. The outcome is not always good. Statistics are not in her favor. Statistics say that about 80% of elderly people that fall and break a hip, have surgery die with in a year. Not really wanting to think about that. Especially since only a couple of years ago she had open heart surgery. That complicates any surgery! Could her heart handle the surgery? This is where being a nurse can skew my perspective a bit. My Grandma is strong and I only want to think about that. Yet I did voice my thoughts and concern to my parents, especially my Dad. His reply was simply,"She is a tough old bird. She is a fighter." To which I just simply agreed.
When we got to the hospital Grandma was just out of surgery and was doing great. The surgery went so well. The Doctor said it was better than he had anticipated! Guess he underestimated my Grandmas strength! She is one tough Lady! However I am so grateful for his caution-considering she had open heart surgery at 89 anything is possible. I know we as a family prayed a lot for her! I know our prayers were heard!
Today went as expected. She was in pain and we had to talk her into taking pain meds. She slept a lot as well. She looks good though. I was so glad to be just there by her side. There is no other place I wanted to be and am so grateful for a hubby who is willing to pick up all the loose ends so I can be here! Thanks Bry- I love you.