Friday, September 11, 2009


Tonight Addy got to cheer at the CV game. She loves it! She has been able to do it the last couple years, and we look forward to this event every year. It is so fun to watch the girls. I loved everything about it this year! The weather this year was perfect, plus I love football, not that I get to really watch any of the game anyway. It is a fun family night out!

Bubba and Dawson-a rare moment of "chill time"

Addy and her BFF- Brooklynn
Addy and Lily
Ky hanging out with the Principal A.K.A Grandma
Addy and Grandma
Addy cheering during the 2nd quarterVideos of Addy cheering

They also did a dance at halftime, however you can't really see Addy. Oh well here it is anyway.