Sunday, September 20, 2009

BYU game-just maybe!?!?

As most of you know, not everyone in our family -a.k.a Bryan-are big BYU fans. So it is pretty safe to say you probably wont be seeing us at many BYU games. Which would really be no big deal, however I just might miss out on something really big. My Aunt went to the BYU game yesterday and while walking up to the stadium a nice car pulled right up. They had security around and were directing people around. My Aunt with her new hip and all is not as quick of a mover these days and was taking her sweet time. She noticed a cute little old lady get out of the car followed by her hubby whom she recognized. There he was, President Monson!! My Aunt was so excited she got out her cell and snapped a pic.

He was really courteous to stay there for a bit to wave and say hello to people. My Aunt sent the text/pic to my cousin Jess who was at the hospital with my Grandma along with Addy and me. Now on to the part I would not want to miss if I went to a BYU game. Jess showed the picture to Addy and said,"Hey Addy, look who was at the game with Aunt Sherry tonight. Do you know who that is?" To which Addy replied, "That is President Monson!" Jess told her the story of how Aunt Sherry had seen him. She then asked Addy, "What would you do if you saw the Prophet at the BYU game?" Addy said without hesitation, all giddy with her arms waving, "I would yell to him, Hey! I am your biggest fan!" Needless to say she had us all in stitches including Grandma! I wouldn't want to miss out on seeing that. Anyone else up for a BYU game with Addy???


Heather Coon said...

That's awesome! way to go Aunt Sherry!! Aaron has become more of a BYU fan living out here in the East now than ever before. He wanted them to win so bad on Saturday just so he could rub it in these Florida fans faces!

McKell Callister said...

What a sighting! Thanks so much for was super yummy! (Isn't everything a little better when you don't cook it yourself?) Lucky kids you have to get such a good cook for a mom:)

Heather Harper said...

That is awesome!!! Addy was so cute in primary yesterday....she was such a "know it all," but in a good way.

I think you should do a post announcing that your husband, aka: biggest NOT fan on BYU, actually watched a game and CHEERED! Yes, he cheered. Don't let him lie to you. Too bad it was the FL state game he watched, but maybe we'll have to lie next time there is a game and say we don't have that channel. Then, we can invite ourselves over again, and Bryan will HAVE to watch ANOTHER BYU game! That would be two games. Probably more than he's seen in years. hahahaha. I'm having too much fun. :)