Monday, May 24, 2010

End of the year dance recitals

Both Addy and Dawson had their dance recitals last weekend. They both did great! Dawson loves that, "the crowd goes wild" when they dance! Addy just loves to dance period. Any chance she gets, she'll jump at. Like dancing a solo at the school talent show! Yup that's right, we'll see how that goes but that's another post! Here are some pics of the recitals. I got more pics from Addy's because since she was in both the pre-show and the show (4 dances altogether) we got a sitter for the boys. Dawson came to the pre-show and then opted to go home to the sitter.

Not the best photo, but like I said I had Ky with me so this is the best I got!Addy's ballet in the pre- showAddy in her hip hop! We told her to keep all her attitude on the stage- and LEAVE IT THERE!!! Oh and she brought the attitude!!
Addy with Grandma and Grandpa
Addy and her Dad!
Addy has truly found a passion for dance. As a parent I love that she has found that, her niche. It is great when your child finds something that makes them happy. I am so proud of her! And look forward to many more years of dance recital!!


Galloways said...

Isn't dance the best? I was so sad when Keirsha didn't want to do it anymore. I loved all the competitions and you are right...the crowd goes crazy for little boys dancing. Way to go Addie! You look adorable...We would love to see her dance one day!

McKell Callister said...

I can only imagine the "attitude" that girl has on the stage. I would love to see it sometime-I'm sure she's gonna be quite the dancer! Brooklynn told me about Addy doing a dance at school and how she didn't think Addy had any stage fright and I said "I bet you're right". She's a cutie!

Nat Lud said...

She is too cute!