Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yeah for Summer!

We started off summer break with a little celebration!! We picked Addy up from school and then headed over to the movies to see Shrek in 3D with just Addy and Dawson. The movie was great but even better with the commentary and laughter from Dawson and Addy! After the movies it was home for our traditional -last day of school TACOS!!!! Then while Dad worked in the garden me and the kids headed for the park to play. It was so great to just be outside and enjoy the sun, each other and not worry about bed times. When Ky hit his wall we walked home and put him to bed. Once Ky was in bed and everyone had their jammies on we played a game of Monopoly (which I won). Addy and Dawson are a hoot to play that game with. Addy has to be the banker and does a great job. Dawson gets so excited about everything! By the end the kids, as well as myself, we plum tuckered out. It was a great way to kick of the beginning of our summer!!!!