Friday, May 7, 2010

Little Mistro in the Making

Addy had her first piano recital the end of April, the first of many I hope! She did a great job and I 'm proud of her. She really enjoys playing and I hope she continues to.
Addy and her BFF and duet partner of the night
Addy gets a lot of support and encouragement from family. Both Grandma Wood,both of her aunts and Papa play extremely well. Cross your fingers she got those genes! Thanks Grandma for coming and being such a great supporter. We love ya!

Addy and her teacher, McKell. She is wonderful!


Jamie said...

Good for her! She sure is a cute kid!!!
And I had to laugh at your post of the snow man one day and 70's the next... only in UT ~

McKell Callister said...

She did SO great! I just love teaching her!