Saturday, May 8, 2010

Walk For Autism

We headed up to Salt Lake the 1st weekend of May. On our way up we stopped and ate at the Training Table. My kids don't ever remember eating there, but they have. They loved it! The fav part was placing their order. Mine, of course the food!!

So our reason for going to Salt Lake was to participate in the Walk For Autism. We walked for team Preston! Preston is my cousin who has autism and we love him! It was so great to be able to be a part of something that effects so many people. Autism is the fastest growing diagnosis and yet less than 5% of research money goes to Autism. I was so happy to be involved to help raise money and awareness! Plus I really want to teach my kids the importance of service. We are so blessed and I want them to see that. I want them to be willing to give of themselves, to others and to causes that are important. It was a great day-despite the weather!
Team Preston
The kids & Aunt Tina with Cosmo.
As you can see the weather was awful. Cold and rainy. I was so proud of my kids. Addy never complained once. Dawson cried pretty much the whole walk, but tried to keep it on the down low. Ky was a trooper. I held him during the walk and he would occasionally sit up clap or holler with the rest of the crowd and then get all huddled up again. Unfortunately because the weather was so bad we didn't stay for the booths or the fun activities they had. Maybe next year!
After the walk we all got warmed up then headed over to Jessica and Bryan's house for a BBQ. By then the weather was actually better, meaning not raining and the sun was out!
Sunday we headed home. Obviously they were WORN OUT!!!

Wow, what a brother! Next family trip I'm sitting next to Dawson and getting a foot rub!

Addy being a diva....... dawson being a sweet brother. (sigh.) (By Addy)


Jamie said...

Great, now I have to go order some cheese fries! Nothing better than Training Table!
Cute kids Melissa!!!

Nat Lud said...

That last picture is priceless! How sweet. And I love the sleeping one of them too. What a neat thing for you to do as a fam! You guys are amazing.

Anonymous said...
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Law Family said...

That's so great that you got your kids involved in that! I love that Dawson is rubbing Addy's feet! How sweet!