Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkins at the farm

Today we headed to Grandpa Morris's farm to pick our pumpkins. We went with Grandma & Grandpa Morris, Mom and Dad, Suz, and Karen and Bruce. The weather was great and we had a fantastic time. The kids LOVE the farm. Here are some reasons why

They love picking their pumpkins......

Dawson's claimed his pumpkin

Addy's prized pumpkin

Ky found his

They love running and hiding in the cornfield
The hay is always a hit!
We ended the fun with a picnic dinner at the park in Parowan.
It was a great family night. I love that my kids get to enjoy the these things and that they remember them and talk about them year after year. I'm so grateful we live close to family and have the opportunity to have these simple fun memories!


Jamie said...

Question... Olivia wants an American Girl doll for Christmas, but I want to make sure they are worth the money. How does Addy like hers? I love she took her to pick a pumpkin.

Jamie said...

Thanks Melissa, that does help. I guess they're only young once. I'll be sad when I can't buy her dolls anymore. Looks like Addy has really enjoyed her, for a long time too!
Thanks again!