Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat 2010

We had so much fun this year for Halloween! It was great weather and all the kids were so excited to go trick or treating-especially Ky!
For dinner on Saturday, Halloween fell on a Sunday, before we went trick or treating we had a Halloween dinner-Ghouls in the Graveyard

Along with Goblin droppings and blood to drink
Dessert- Spiders which the kids made.

My Hippie

My Jedi

My Football player-GO AGGIES!
Ready to go!

We went trick or treating around our neighborhood and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house. The kids love handing out candy there. Plus Nanny wanted to take them trick or treating.
Going trick or treating with Nanny!
Their loot!

On Sunday-actual Halloween we had a mini Halloween dinner of crazy eyed tacos
For dessert I made pumpkin cake and invited Grandma and Grandpa Morris, Grandma and Grandpa and Nanny over to enjoy! It was a great weekend!


McKell Callister said...

You are such a good mom to make the holidays so fun for your kids! Your "ghosts in the graveyard" looked like fingers at first glance...either way, that utterly gross and super cool! Nice job!

Law Family said...

So cute! They are growing up!