Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rain Puddles

Boys are just a magnet for water in any shape or form. It stopped raining long enough today for Ky to enjoy the puddles!So cute!
All wet and ready to go in!


McKell Callister said...

Good for you to go out in it...we just sat inside and shivered...so cold... I'm not ready!!!

Jamie said...

This kid melts my heart! He sure is a cutie! ALL your kids are beautiful. It's funny to see your daughter on the tracks at the football game... it's like looking at you just a few years ago at MC (I don't want to say how many years for our own sake!) lol

Galloways said...

He is so flippin cute. You are such a good mom for little boys. Not all moms would let their little boys acutally play in the puddles and enjoy the rain! Love ya