Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey Crowd!

Friday was the Canyon View game that the kids who do the clinic get to cheer at. Addy loves this and has done it every year since we have lived in Cedar. It is so fun to watch the girls of all ages. This year was even better because Nana, Papa, Bubba and Heather were here to come and watch. Grandma and Grandpa missed it because they were in Sweden picking up Aunt Nanny! Yeah! Here are some highlights......

Halftime dance


Jaqueline, Addy and BrooklynnDawson and his buddy,Trey playing football.
It was a great night with the best football weather! It was fun to have the family there as well.


Nat Lud said...

They did so good! And I agree-the weather was AWESOME!! What a fun night.