Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tylenol anyone????

Our weekend was adventurous to say the least. My Mom, Dad, Bubba, Heather and the kids came to spend the weekend with us. Well on Saturday night Ky, my little mischievous one, and Holly some how got and OPENED( thanks to KY) a bottle of children's Tylenol. We walked in to find them munching away on them. We asked how many they ate and got different answers every time! What did we expect from a 2 and 3 year old! So off to the ER we went. That was an a treat. Imagine 3 adults trying to entertain a 2 and 3 year old in a little ER room at bedtime. I know your thinking fun right! They actually did pretty good, even when they had to get their blood drawn! Not sure if it was just because he was tired but Ky did remarkably well. Holly was a little more tough and boy is she strong! Poor Holly had to get poked more than once to get her blood. After they had their blood drawn we waited for the results and they finally fell asleep. The results were good, their levels were not toxic so how ever many they ate was within their recommended dose! Yeah! We get to go home! Best news all night! I think that was the most expensive dose of Tylenol Ky has ever had!! Let's just hope this is the first and last time he decided to eat drugs!