Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pie for Bubba

After we finished watching Addy's dance we headed down to Salt Lake and met up with my brother- the birthday boy- his family, Tina and her kids along with Dawson. Since it was Bubba's birthday we went to none other than the Pie. It is sooooo good!

The Birthday boy! He is opening up cards and this is the only pic I got of him. Ummmm maybe it was because I was to busy shoving yummy food in my face!
Luckily Heather took some pics as well

Ky was flirting with the people waiting outside! It was quite cute!

Braiden completely worn out-man Mason must throw some kind of party!
After dinner we headed home. We almost adopted another little one. Holly was so cute and kept saying she wanted to come home with me. Of course I said OK. She said by to her Mom and Dad and Lila and was ready to go! AHHH I love my Holly. Wished she really could have come stay with me for a little bit. Can't wait until one day she can!