Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Summer Favs!

Oh the lazy days of summer, where did they go?? We were so busy this summer the lazy days were far and few between, but enjoyed none the less! We had a great summer! I am finally getting to some of our favorite memories this summer that have not yet been blogged. We don't want to forget the.............

The many Popsicles with messy faces!
Nice cool treats and hanging out in our swim suits ALL DAY LONG!
Having water fun in our backyard

Addy and Dawson both learning to ride their bikes without training wheels!!! A huge milestone! They both learned on the day we got back from Hawaii. It took Bry about half an hour and they were off sailing! YEAH!!!!

All the parades and the candy that comes with them!

Watching Grandpa Wood play in a band during the July Jamboree! It was fun to see him up there rockin out. The kids thought it was just awesome!

Another session of swim lessons! This session it all just clicked for Dawson! He improved so much. Now when he swims he actually looks like he is swimming instead of a tornado hitting the water! Great job Dawson!

As excited as I am for school to start a part of me, not sure how big of a part, is very sad to see summer end!