Monday, August 31, 2009

Uncle Bubba, Heather & little Miss Holly

My brother lives in Florida so when they come out to visit, we PARTY! We all got together Saturday afternoon. We swam......
some of us watched movies........

But mostly we ate and just chatted. I love my family and it is so awesome to all get together. Here we all are!

Ky and Holly. So cute that they are such good buddies. We miss them so much and can't wait until they move back closer. I think Holly loved all the attention from her cousins.Sunday we went to my sister Tina's ward. She actually had to speak, which was fun for us to be there. She did an amazing job. Here is my fam along with my brother-AKA Uncle Bubba, Heather and little miss Holly.

It was a great weekend even though the Coon's-Bubba and Heather- DOMINATED at every game of Settlers we played. I like to think we went easy on them due to the fact they were visiting, but I would just plain be lying! I am so lucky! I have the most amazing brother whom I just literally adore. He really is one of my best friends. His wife, on the other hand is a saint in my eyes. She is more than amazing. Not only does she put up with my brother but she loves him and takes such good care of him. She is a great Mom and also one of my best friends. I love them both so much and miss them more than words can say. Thanx for coming to visit and it is our turn to come and visit you.

Again my camera SUCKS! Date should be 08/29/2009 and 08/30/2009


Heather Coon said...

You are TOO sweet Melissa! But thank you, we enjoyed all of your company just as much if not more. It was so good to be around family. And it was just luck that we dominated settlers, we're not THAT good!

We are excitedly awaiting your visit!

Heather Coon said...

Your dang right you did not let us win...We came in there with a game plan and executed it and just whooped up girlfriend. Just messing it was fun hanging out with the family. I love my sisters there all da best... Love bubba